When it’s time for your appointment with Blossom Brows, you’ll instantly be greeted by your brow technician who will work with you to understand your needs and preferences. Right from the start, you’ll quickly learn that the end-result is entirely up to you. You give us your vision, and your technician will work to execute it.

Take a look down below to learn all about our various services.

Eyebrow Tattoo & Eyebrow Feathering

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive eyebrow tattoo, or if you require eyebrow feathering to fill in some of those gaps, Blossom Brows is here to help. We use our innovative microblading technique to guarantee a beautifully natural look each and every time.

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Semi-Permanent Microblade Tattoo

We offer a semi-permanent microblade tattoo service that leaves your brows looking full, natural, and beautiful for anywhere between 10 to 18 months. We use our innovative microblading technique to guarantee a beautifully natural look each and every time.

from $750

Eyeliner Tattoo

When it comes to women’s beauty and women’s facecare, semi-permanent makeup has become a new trend that thousands of women have opted for. Here at Blossom Brows, we use our same microblading technique to give you morning-ready makeup each and every day for up to 18 months. Whether you’re looking for eyeliner, brow liner, or something entirely unique, you can rest assured that our technicians will help you bring your vision to life.

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If you’d like a semi-permanent morning-ready makeup routine, a lip tattoo may be for you. We use our microblading technique to carefully inject color pigment into your lips to ensure a color that works best for you. Think of it as a semi-permanent lipstick. Pick your favorite color and wake up looking and feeling beautiful every morning.

from $790

Scalp Micropigmentation

Essentially a hair tattoo, we work with our clients to ensure that every bald spot is filled in through a non-invasive microblading treatment. This service is specifically designed to create the appearance of hair follicles that can thicken the look of your hair without the need for a hair transplant.

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While many people choose to have their beauty spots removed, some prefer the unique, attractive look of a beauty spot on their face. Here at Blossom Brows, we can help. We use our microblading technique to draw a unique semi-permanent beauty spot in a shape, color, and spot of your liking on your face. Our accurate microblading technique allows us to create a natural-looking, one of a kind beauty spot that helps to highlight your individuality.

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Pre & Aftercare Support

At the very forefront of our entire service offering remains our commitment to providing pre and aftercare support for each and every client. First, we meet with our clients to get to know their vision. From there, we determine the appropriate service and execute their vision. Lastly, we meet with our clients again to ensure that we’ve not only met their expectations, but exceeded them as well. For us, the job doesn’t stop once we complete the service – it continues until you come back in 10 or 18 months for another round.

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Because our microblading tattoo service offers semi-permanent tattoos, there may be an instance where your final product seems to fade. However, we want each of our clients to rest assured knowing that Blossom Brows is always standing at the ready to provide support.
Along with our pre and aftercare support, Contact us for any touchup enquires. This may require one or two touch ups.  

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