Skin conditions and Cosmetic tattoo

15 Jan 2020 |

Skin conditions and Cosmetic tattoo Researching and finding out information before committing to cosmetic tattoo is super important. There are so many factors to consider before taking the plunge and I think you will be very surprised by some of the facts you find out, including how different skin types and conditions can affect or even prevent you from being a suitable candidate for the procedure.


Blossom Brows: Lip Tattoo

25 Dec 2019 |

Along with many new cosmetic trends lip tattoo or blush as you may know it by is now as popular as eyebrow tattoo and is adding to the ‘I woke up like this’ look everyone is wanting to achieve.


Blossom Brows: Why You Should Consider Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

25 Nov 2019 |

There’s no secret that brows are the “it” feature of facial beauty today. Everyone is rushing to the stores to grab eyebrow pencils, styling gel, and eyebrow sprays that keep those fierce hairs in line and perfectly angled. However, you know how expensive and stressful it can be ensuring you have all of your brow products with you at a moment’s notice.


Lash Blossom Expands from Sydney CBD to Double Bay

24 May 2019 |

After experiencing tremendous success and a warm welcome from the Sydney community in regards to our flagship Lash Blossom store, we have decided to expand into a second location, making it easier for people everywhere to access our lash extensions salons


4 Reasons to Invest in Your Appearance This Year

25 Apr 2019 |

Our appearance is how we choose to present ourselves to the world, communicating a lot about our personality before we even have a chance to utter a word. That’s why investing in your appearance can pay off greatly for you, both with other people, as well as with your own personal self confidence. We all want to feel good in the skin we’re in, which is why setting aside a little time in 2019 to boost your appearance is a worthy investment.

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