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Blossom Brows: Lip Tattoo

25 Dec 2019 |

Say hello to fuller, kissable lips… Lip Tattoo

Along with many new cosmetic trends lip tattoo or blush as you may know it by is now as popular as eyebrow tattoo and is adding to the ‘I woke up like this’ look everyone is wanting to achieve. The high maintenance to be low maintenance is a life saver for so many of us.

Just like Micro-blading it prevents us having to apply lip liner and lipstick and constantly repeat the process throughout the day, giving us fuller looking and symmetrical lips without using lip fillers!

How does it work?

An initial consultation will be complete, during this time any imperfections, shape and colour will be discussed to create the lips of your dreams.

From there, a numbing cream is applied to the lip area, this helps to create as little discomfort as possible during the procedure.

Then our amazingly talented technician will draw the lip shape using a lip pencil to create the most symmetrical shape possible.

The colour pigment discussed is then penetrated into to the lip area using a https://cdn.moble.com/w/2180/450883/file/Cosmetic tattoo blog.jpg machine and sterile needle.

The overall process can take up to 2.5 hours, this varies from client to client.

Is it painful?


It can be slightly uncomfortable, fortunately as we do use numbing cream that helps to block the majority of the discomfort. Our lips are a highly sensitive area but the end results are totally worth it and out trump any discomfort felt!

How long is healing time and what are the results?


Immediately after the tattoo your lips may be swollen and sore, you will be provided with aftercare tips to help with this. The healing process is slightly longer than other https://cdn.moble.com/w/2180/450883/file/Cosmetic tattoo blog.jpgs as our lips are in constant use. Usually around 2 weeks is when the healing is fully complete. The overall aim of lip blush is to create seamless and pigmented lips. We want naturally perfect lips, no lines and no colour that doesn’t suit the complexion of the client.


Does lip tattoo last forever?

Unlike actual tattoos https://cdn.moble.com/w/2180/450883/file/Cosmetic tattoo blog.jpg creates long lasting results but does fade over time as it isn’t penetrated as deeply. Our lips are also in constant use and come in contact with food, drink and saliva so gradual fading is to be expected. This is great news for those that are unsure of making a lifetime commitment to makeup. A touch up is usually recommend with lip tattoo.


How do I know it’s right for me?


If you are a makeup lover constantly applying lip liner and lipstick and want to save time and in the long run money on products then this is for you! It is also for those whose lips don’t have much definition or asymmetry or have lost shape through ageing. Although if you are unsure we suggest scheduling a consultation with a highly trained expert to discuss the results and have any questions you may have answered.

How do I find the right technician?

Like any procedure we recommend to research thoroughly before choosing a https://cdn.moble.com/w/2180/450883/file/Cosmetic tattoo blog.jpger, failing to do so can create results you are unhappy with and worst cases infections or scarring. Using  a reputable salon is key and one with proven before and after shots, do not be a afraid to ask for a portfolio of the work.

Overall when complete by an experienced professional lip blush is a time saving, lip plumping treatment that we are just obsessed with!!

Visit https://www.cosmetictattoosydney.com.au/ to book your initial appointment.

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