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Skin conditions and Cosmetic tattoo

15 Jan 2020 |

Learn about Skin conditions and Cosmetic tattoo

Researching and finding out information before committing to https://cdn.moble.com/w/2180/450883/file/Cosmetic tattoo blog.jpg is super important. There are so many factors to consider before taking the plunge and I think you will be very surprised by some of the facts you find out, including how different skin types and conditions can affect or even prevent you from being a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Cosmetic tattoo is completed by injecting colour pigmentation into the skin and unfortunately micro blading, is not best suited for everyone. The health of the clients skin need to be determined to ensure the healing and overall result is as effective as possible.

Here are some examples:

Oily skin

You can most definitely have micro blading done even if you have oily skin but you will have to take into consideration that you are most likely going to need to have a touch up appointment within a year. Oily skin makes the colour pigment fade quicker as the oils dilute the micro blading. The best option for oily skin clients is ombré brows, the hair stroke style brow will fade far too quickly.


People that suffer from eczema have skin that shreds frequently and this means that the skin may not hold pigment as well. This can affect the healed micro bladed results and leave the client with uneven and patchy eyebrows.

Chronic Acne

 Skin affected by chronic acne bleeds easy which will affect the retention of the colour pigmentation. This means results are unpredictable and it makes the process itself extremely difficult.


Burnt skin tends to peel and shred more often than not so it is best to wait until the sunburn has healed completely. Flaking will affect the results of the tattoo too, so make sure to protect your brows from the sun especially if you have a https://cdn.moble.com/w/2180/450883/file/Cosmetic tattoo blog.jpg appointment scheduled. Having burnt eyebrows can make for a very uncomfortable process.

Recent Botox or fillers

 If you have recently had Botox or fillers around the eyebrow area then it is best to wait a while for the muscles to settle. If you do not consider the facial structure for after the filler has dissolved then you could potentially be left with unnaturally placed or unsymmetrical brows. It is best to complete the eyebrow tattoo before considering Botox or fillers to ensure for the best results of both.

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